Friday 14 May 2021

First Cut at a GTK4 Port of LibreOffice

Early days yet, but here's some screenshots of an experimental port of LibreOffice to GTK4 I've commited upstream during the week. It starts without crashing, renders, accepts user keystrokes and mouse events, basic Input Method support also works.

Standard GTK file dialog functionality works.

Standard GTK message dialogs work.

Context menus, now using Popover Menus, work.

Toplevel Menubar and menus, via gtk_popover_menu_bar_new_from_model, are also functional.

Working sample native GTK dialog. A work in progress, my current thinking is with GtkButtonBox gone that moving the old action area contents to the dialogs GtkHeaderBar seems the easiest route.


  1. Hm, will icons in menus be available in gtk4?

    1. LibreOffice exports the Menubar contents via GMenuModel, and does set the G_MENU_ATTRIBUTE_ICON property for icons ( so the icons are provided from the LibreOffice side, what happens to them after that is out the applications control.

  2. Thank you very much Carolyn for this hard work you are doing, this will make LibreOffice even better. Great integration really helps with providing a positive experience for the end user.

    I do however find it a little strange that the GTK integration looks so good but the general user interface looks like it is 20 plus years old.

    I realise that is not you but it looks glaring. At least in my mind.

    Can I just ask is there anything like this planned that would improve the experience on Windows and Mac OS? These are the platforms that I use and they both look considerably worse than Linux (GTK) currently.

    Best regards.