Friday 15 November 2013


Converting LibreOffice dialogs to .ui format, 500 conversions milestone

We’ve now reached 500 dialogs and tabpages converted from LibreOffice’s classic fixed widget size and position .src format to the GtkBuilder .ui format.

Using the guesstimate tool ./bin/count-todo-dialogs the current status is:

500 .ui files currently exist
There are 213 unconverted dialogs
There are 127 unconverted tabpages
An estimated additional 340 .ui are required

Digging down a little there is just 1 tabpage + 2 dialogs in draw/impress (sd) and 6 tabpages + 8 dialogs in writer remaining to convert from the old format. The remainder are in calc or in the various shared modules.

The How to conversion guide is still relevant, and help is always appreciated.

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